If you are contemplating divorce, it is one of the most emotional, traumatic and trying times of your life.  You may find yourself facing an, at times, overwhelming massive amount of decisions to make.  How will we divide the assets we have?  What are premarital assets?  How much, if any, of my spouse’s retirement plan am I entitled to?  How will we divide the marital debt?  Who will keep the marital home?  If my spouse takes the marital home, how can I preserve my credit standing?   Even in situations where both of you agree that a divorce is inevitable and necessary, these issues  and many others, can and often times do become highly contested.  Keep in mind that unlike marriage a divorce IS final.  The decisions and agreements you make now, can affect you financially for years to come.  For instance, what may seem like a small amount of retirement in your mid-30’s --can be a substantial amount at retirement age.

With over 29 years of experience, the Kozma Law Office will advocate for  the most fair, equitable and beneficial settlement possible for you.  We assist you  through this difficult time by formulating a realistic strategy to achieve a positive end result for you.  We will work with you with one common goal in mind: to complete the divorce process as efficiently and beneficially for you as possible.  We will inform you of your rights, what you’re entitled to, what your obligations to your spouse are as well as what your spouse’s obligations are to you. Contact us today.